Winter Sonata: Me, Inside The Forgotten Time II


겨울 연가 : 잊혀진 시간 속의 나 Ⅱ


失われた時間の中の僕 II


Fuyu no Sonata : Ushinawareta Jikan no naka no boku Ⅱ




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Episode Title Edit

"Me, Inside the Forgotten Time II" is the tenth episode in the Winter Sonata anime series which is the anime adaptaion of the superhit Korean drama Winter Sonata.

Short Summary Edit

Lee Minhyeong finds out his true identity from his mother . But problems arise when Chelin overhears him and his mother.

Episode in Detail Edit

Yoojin starts to go to work. Under her supervision, no one gets rest and many complaints follow. Her boss tells her to take a break as Sanghyeok has been complaining that they are inhuman letting a patient work so soon. The two of them go to the hospital to remove the cast from Yoojin's arm.

In the hospital, Mr. Kim calls on Minhyeong and tells him to visit the site after recovery. He updates him on the work and informs about the complaints on Yoo-jin. He also asks why Minhyeong chose Polaris. At this Minhyeong replies that Polaris is a star that doesn't change position no matter what season it is. It stays fixed, unchanged. This name fascinated him and so he chose that firm for the work.

In the evening, Yoojin and Sanghyeok go on a drive and there he asks her why she can't forget Joonsang. It's been 10 years after the accident. She should have forgotten about him. But Yoo-jin bursts into tears and says no matter how hard she tries, she cannot remove the face of Joonsang from her memory. And he believes it or not, Minhyeong is actually Joonsang. Sanghyeok loses control and becoming enraged walks out of the car. Yoojin goes back to her mother and sister.

Meanwhile, the doctor is talking with Minhyeong about a medical report. It was of a car accident 10 years ago that they were told to check. But the name of the patient was Kang Joonsang. Minhyeong is shocked to see that name. When his mother comes he asks her who is Joonsang. Who is he? Is he Minhyeong or Joonsang? Beehi cannot answer but Minhyeong insists. Then she cannot hold back and tells that he is Joonsang and his memory has been changed by hypnotism. Minhyeong feels desperado and in walks the doctor who hypnotized him. He gets raged at the doctor for changing his memory, saying that no one has the right to do so. He rushes out of the door and his mother follows. But none notice that Chelin is right behind the door and she has heard everything. Minhyeong reaches the roof and his mother cries out saying that she did it because Joonsang never loved her and suffered for his memories. The new memories brought him Minhyeong who loved her and lived happily. Saying this, she walks away and Chelin comes and takes him to room. He asks her why she hasn't said him that he resembled Joonsang before. She replies that Joonsang was her first love.

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