Episode 11: When First Love calls me againEdit

When First Love calls me again is the eleventh episode of the superhit Korean drama: Winter Sonata.

Winter Sonata: When First Love calls me again


겨울 연가 : 첫사랑이 다사 부리변




Fuyu no Sonata : Hatsukoi ga mou ichido watashi o yondara




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short Summary Edit

The road to recovery of the past memory of Joonsang is not yet over and so is the suffering of Yoojin. The passage from the tunnel of forgetfulness is not perceived where certain objections emanate from Kang Meehi and other persons who had vested interest for Joonsang's memory as well as Che-lin and Sang-Hyeok.

Episode in DetailEdit

The Episode begins with how Che-lin is trying to convince Min-Hyeong to be real lover. But Joonsang is given a chance by Dr. Ahn to decide what is best for him; he can try to recall the past memories if he is able to handle the past so that present will never be jeopardized. Dr. Ahn relates that it was really an effort made by Kang Meehi who took the responsibility in the past and what happened was for the best for both of them. Joonsang's decision is crucial on this part; he wants to get back his past memory.

Joonsang is able to find a memory card and recalls the past and tries to connect again with Yoojin as he progresses in his own memory recovery.

Joonsang leaves the hospital and begins to do a quest on regaining his memory and leaves his mother at the hospital. Che-lin feels furious why he is supposed to be Joonsang a dead "first love" in her life. Incidentally, Yoojin doesn't get over the hard pain of the past and her longing that this immeasurable pain be dealt soon, crushes her very soul completely and it leads her to be doing things necessary for the development of their true love to each other. Meanwhile, Minhyeong goes back to his old house where they once lived and he discovered the old things. There are old name plates embossed with his name as Kang Joonsang, old tape with Joonsang dubbed and played "First Time", paper pieces with Yoojin's writing telling Joonsang not to sleep during class time. Indeed those were flashes from his old memory. Then he sets onwards to see his high school, striving to get his memory back.

Every possible situation or scenario of the past when he was studying at the school provides some vital information for Min-Hyeong to recall the memories of Joonsang. Coincidentally, Yoojin happens to be at the school too but they tend to overlook one another and never crosses each other's paths in this episode.

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