Episode: 20Edit

Episode 20 entitled as The Impossible House. It is house where Yoojin and Joonsang dream that their dream house which they themselves design and be their abode for their children or family.

Winter Sonata: The Impossible House


겨울 연가 : 불가능한 집




Fuyu no Sonata : Fukanou na ie




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short SummaryEdit

This episode show how Joonsang able to accomplish his promise to draw The Impossible House and how their lives changed after their separation from one another when they had realized that they are half siblings. Though, circumstances will lead them in realizing who is really the known father for Joonsang.

Episode in Detail Edit

Yoojin gave her sketch pad to Joonsang regarding to finish her project for The Impossible House which is meant for their dream house which is hard and impossible for the lovers to achieve when their realization was half siblings.

Yoojin was able to go to Paris , had her studies be continued in the course for fashion, however, she remembers everything that had happened between her and Joonsang, especially when the song "First Time" that truly bring back memories what had happened and her admiration for a good pianist as Joonsang did, she kept it from her heart, though a scar remain, it will take time to heal such circumstances.

Joonsang did left Seoul for USA due to his immediate surgery which he suffer a brain injury that needs in due time , furthermore, it is also advised by his doctor in Seoul that he needs to have surgery otherwise his sight will be lost. During the trip to USA, he suffer already being collapse in the plane and subsequently he was able to read the letter for him from Yoojin that she said that was it a dream or not. He was determine to finish his task for the impossible house., However he got again his major collapse that he was brought to the hospital,furthermore, he was able to encounter his old friend Jane who assist him in the course for his presupposed surgery.

Dr. Ahn and his mother was also present in the time when he awoke from his collapse or being a stabilized state.

Upon Confrontation with his mother , he presented to her a copy of DNA test conducted for him and proving that his father was Professor Kim Jinwoo and it led her mother to be in shock and apologetic in nature which to Joonsang, it was really the turning point that again they were separated from Yoojin because of lies were made that Hyunsoo was his father and father of Yoojin, he truly dismayed. It brought scars in their hearts for both estranged lovers.

Jane did return a part of pink mitten which Yoojin gave to Joonsang, she asked what had happened to him within 10 days, Joonsang told her that it is a long story. Jane responded in New York, it is still a long night, Joonsang reveal to her the long story of love tale between Yoojin and him.

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