Episode 21Edit

Episode 21 is entitled as The Traveler's Heart, Renewed which this episode shows how estranged lovers lived out their separate lives, how one information can change anyone's convictions and well being.

Winter Sonata: The Traveler's Heart, Renewed


겨울 연가 : 새로운 여정의 시작




Fuyu no Sonata : Aratana Tabitachi




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short SummaryEdit

This episode depicts how one information regarding his or her personhood can drastically change any scenario from the father of Joonsang, Yoogin and other lives from the anime series.

Episode in detail Edit

Sanghyeok's mother was furious and got herself into illness out from the knowledge that Joonsang was a son to Professor Kim Jinwoo, it is also fuel fire with Sanghyeok , his father need to sought his forgiveness, and was tasked to informed what is real health condition of Joonsang. He was able to contact Joonsang and Yoojin was his responsibility as favour asked from a friend, he did tried to contact her, however, the call was never consumated.

Kang Meehi was no condition when Joonsang inform her that to say to anyone that he is already dead, which he was constantly reminded by her that his father was already dead, The knowledge and circumstance regarding the brain surgery was no longer conceal with her, and his condition was never necessary for her to know.


"hard truth about Joonsang's true father"

Professor Kim Jinwoo was so persistent regarding the condition of his son Joonsang and the acknowledge of Kang Meehi though she made it a point that she had only a son ,never shared with Jinwoo that is possibility how much love she rendered for Hyunsoo who was Yoojin 's father.

Jane, her university friend, is currently Joonsang's brain surgeon, accompany him though there was malice which people perceived that her missing Harry, the common friend for Joonsang and boyfriend for Jane, she proceeded to accompany Joonsang for the deepening of estranged true love for him and Yoojin, never lost hope on love, furthermore, she asked assistance for Harry's help with respect for the recovery of Joonsang's brain operation.

Yoojin did apply for restoration contractor with Claude , though Claude perceived her as too young for the job which may lack experience, but was astounded how she show convictions for this new job, She was hired and able to restore a building which is God's will for a sister whom she encountered prior to her job application, though she was drunk and able to flashback what had happened before Joonsang's departure as well as they did hold true to their promises for not looking back at each other.

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