Episode 23 is entitled as First Love Part 2. This episode presents how "miracle" may happened if we desire so as Yoojin firmly believe so much that true love can do anything to work for a "miracle".

Winter Sonata: First Love Part 2


겨울 연가 : 첫사랑 II


初恋 II


Fuyu no Sonata : Hatsukoi Ⅱ




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above


This Episode presented how Yoojin was able to perform the "miracles" of the hearts when Claude was able to meet Joanne otherwise known as her real name was Anna in order to undertake restoration of the church. How she will be able to recover from their estranged love affair with Joonsang.

Episode in DetailEdit

Mr. Claude was able to make a phone call with Prioress of the monastery in order that the restoration will go on and his supervisor who is Yoojin was delegated for this tremendous task, with intervening circumstances to look for his "lost love" to his gratitude that it will give him his inspiration to do what he promised to her.

Recalling a line from a book entitled Arch of Triumph (German: Arc de Triomphe) a 1945 novel of Erich Maria Remarque which his quotes a line from Ravic

"Morosov said as he pointed to wooden Madonna, This is not a thank you, it is a cry for help."

Mr. Claude prepared his way to church. Though an accident was made by someone who played a piano at night time which Louis woke up turn agitated and made mishap around the church resulting ruining the stained glass window of church which lead state of being furious over Yoojin by the Prioress of the monastery.

Yoojin was saddened by removal of her office due to the mishap happened in the church grounds which lead the workers to have their day off due to Apple Wine Festival of the village and incidentally got an accident as well when she rode a bike which Louis follow up her if she is alright, then they proceeded to the asylum where they were surprise how Mr. Claude and otherwise known as Joanne whose real name is Anna who read to him about the book and hinting that the favorite line was quoted as:

"Morosov said as he pointed to wooden Madonna, This is not a thank you, it is a cry for help."

Indeed, it was the turning point of the episode when the two estranged lovers Anna and Claude awaits each for a drink for each other, they are able to re-kindle their first love. Furthermore, the lives of both are now changed and stir the moment during the event fo Apple Wine Festival.

Mr. Claude fired Yoojin in order to return what is real issue at hand where her true feelings toward Joonsang remains, She immediately send letters to her loved ones whether a part of her family or close friend. It led her to go to New York to accomplish her mission in life which to enkindle the love for Joonsang.

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