Episode 24Edit

The Episode 24 is entitled as A Winter Shade of Pale where re-commitment of love of Joonsang and Yoojin where they are trying to meet each other where their estranged love be reminisce.

Winter Sonata: A Winter Shade of Pale


A winter Shade of Pale〜青い影〜


Fuyu no Sonata : A winter shade of Pale Aoi kage




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short SummaryEdit

The episode presents how Yoojin learns the real relationship status with Joonsang and his plight regarding his health particularly the importance of his eye sight and fatherhood of his Uncle Professor Kim Jinwoo,how Yoojin will fight for their relationship.

Episode in DetailEdit

Yoojin had prepared herself for travel which he supposed to return to Korea, however, she need to go New York in order to meet again with Joonsang. Prior to her travel, Louis was able to return the cassette tape containing Joonsang's Christmas gift "First Time" , she cried auguishly yearning for her Joonsang's Love.

Her family received letter onher whereabouts and Jan Seouk did get married Yangguk and had their baby,subsequently received leter from Yoojin.

When she arrived in New York, there is no clue regarding Mr. Kim-assistant of Lee Minhyung, Lee Minhyung was also resigned from his work. Yoojin again reminisce about their past and subsequently was able to see Polaris on a bench which is connected with Joonsang, She was able to meet Jane who awas a close friend of Lee Minhyung. She explains everything the struggles of Lee Mihyung/Joonsang and she also explain that they are not blood related instead she learned that Sanghyeok and Joonsang are half siblings due to Professor Kim Jinwoo as their blood father. She cried so much that there is something to be done if they are able to close ties again.

Sanghyeok and Chelin becomes close friend and they are constant exchanges between them regarding what is acceptance of a brother like Joonsang whom he recall the struggles of his health is closely undermined that he had bias because having feelings toward Yoojin and finding himself helpless and unmoved toward such incidents how one may grow into their relationship be cherish.

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