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"The Kingdom of Shadows" is the Second Episode in the Winter Sonata anime series which is an anime adaption of the Korean superhit drama Winter Sonata.

Winter Sonata: The Kingdom of Shadows


겨울 연가 : 그림자 나라




Fuyu no Sonata : Kage no kuni




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short SummaryEdit

Yoojin and Joonsang start to get close with each other. They spend an afternoon playing a piano together and later go out on a date.

Episode in DetailEdit

The episode starts of with Yoojin barely making it to the bus stop in time. Meanwhile Kang Mi-Hee is shown recollecting her past as she travels through an unknown tunnel.

Joonsang wakes up a sleeping Yoojin at the bus stop near their school. When they reach the school gates Garmel is already present punishing late comers. Yoojin drags Joonsang to wall and tell him bend over so that she can use him as a prop to jump over the wall into school. Yoojin then gives him her hand so that he can also cross the wall but Joonsang deftly jumps over the wall surprising Yoojin. He offers his hand to help her get down but her ego wouldn't allow her to accept the help so Joonsang walks away, soon Yoojin realizes that she can't get down without his help he puts her shoes for her causing her to blush she then falls right into Joonsang

arms.When they get into class Yoojin and Joonsang are questioned by Sang-Hyeok and Che-lin about their bruises but they keep quiet and exchange secret smiles.


At the radio room Yoojin is mad at Joonsang because he didn't turn up at the radio room causing her to miss lunch. Joonsang who is sleeping on the roof of the school come down to the radio room to find Yoojin dancing in the room. He quietly creeps into the control room and starts to browse through books there.Yoojin starts to scream at him, but Joonsang suddenly moves a switch which causes her voice to be heard all over the school. Sanghyeok and Yong Guk run towards the radio room fearing something might have happened to her.When they reach the entrance they see an angry but otherwise normal Yoojin walking out, she tells him that nothing has happened and walks off in a huff. Sanghyeok then asks Joonsang what happened to which Joonsang asks if he came because he was worried about Yoojin or he had come to pick a fight with him and he later walks away.


The scene then shifts to the boys playing a volleyball match and the girls cheering them on.Joonsang is shown having lot of fans, but Yoojin is worried seeing how he pushes away Sanghyeok while playing.After the match Sanghyeok confronts Joonsang and tells him that he should like he is one of the team, Joonsang calls him a wuss which makes Sanghyeok angry and he almost hits Joonsang but backs away to which Joonsang tells that there is no helping a wuss.

Later Yoojin catches up with Joonsang and tells him to stop being so hostile towards Sanghyeok because he was a really good person.Joonsang then changes the topic and asks if she and Sanghyeok are dating and walks away.

In the class Yoojin realizes that Joonsang doesn't know about the piano exam at school so she takes him to the piano room and starts to teach him how to play the piano but she gets stuck after a point.Then Joonsang starts to play the piece "First time" on the piano expertly which surprises Yoojin who had no idea that he could play so well.She then asks him why he shifted schools but Joonsang

keeps quiet and Yoojin tells that maybe she was not close enough for him to tell the reason.As Joonsang looks out of the window he sees Sanghyeok searching for someone.He asks Yoojin to repay him the favour in a different way. The couple then walks out of school leaving Sanghyeok stunned.

The duo then go to a park where Joonsang tells Yoojin a story about "The Kingdom of Shadows" Yoojin suddenly laughs and tells that he is lot like the lonely shadow in the story.She then tells that he doesn't know how to make friends and tells that he should so step by step. Yoojin who is walking on a log starts to loose balance Joonsang gives her his hand and tells her that he is going to start with her. The couple is then seen cycling together.


They then take a boat ride over the lake. Joonsang tells Yoojin that the real reason why shifted his school was because he wanted to find out more about his father who had studied in the same school. He tells her that he met his father whom he believed to be dead. He also said that his father did not recognize him at all. Yoojin tells that he should be happy that atleast his father is alive. Then Yoojin takes a picture of him with her hands.

They return late in the evening to school where Sanghyeok is anxiously waiting for Yoojin's return.

  • Episode 2: Kingdom of shadows
  • Chuncheon
  • Joonsang in the bus
  • Yoojin in the bus
  • Young Kang Mi Hee crying after being rejected
  • Joonsangs mother
  • Kang Mi Hee in deep thought
  • The bus at Chuncheon
  • Yoojin sleeping in the bus
  • Joonsang glancing at Yoojin
  • The Bus stop near Jeil High school
  • Later comers being punished
  • Garmel
  • Yoojin tells Joonsang about her plan
  • Yoojin using Joonsang as a stool
  • Joonsang offers to help
  • Joonsang walking away
  • Yoojin realizing she is helpless
  • Joonsang
  • Jeil High school
  • Class roooms
  • Class room pic1
  • Classroom pic2
  • Sanghyeok looking at Yoojins bruise
  • Yoojin sleeping on her bag
  • Yoojin and Sanghyeok
  • Oh Chelin
  • Joonsang's place in class
  • Sanghyeok looking at Joonsang
  • Joonsang smiling at Yoojin
  • Yoojin smiling at Joonsang
  • Yoojin in the broadcasting room
  • Joonsang sleeping on the roof
  • The classroom
  • Joonsang making his way to the radio room
  • The Broadcasting room
  • Yoojin dancing
  • Joonsang peeking into the radio room
  • Yoojin looking at a record
  • Joonsang browsing through a book
  • On of the buildings in the school
  • Yooggook
  • Sanghyeok and Yoonggook running
  • Joonsang on the field
  • Jinsook and Yoojin
  • Yoonggook playing
  • Sanghyeok pushed away by Joonsang
  • Sanghyeok fallen
  • Yoonggook helping Sanghyeok up
  • Sanghyeok mad at Joonsang
  • Yoojin worried over the boy's fight
  • Joonsang and Yoojin at the wash
  • Yoojin
  • Yoojin and Yoonggook listening to Jinsook's problem
  • Yoonggook
  • The piano room
  • Joonsang watching Yoojin play
  • Yoojin surprised at Joonsang's skill
  • Yoojin
  • Joonsang looking at Yoojin
  • The couple at the piano
  • Joonsang looking out of the window
  • Yoojin playing alone
  • Yoojin
  • Joonsang
  • Yoojin decides to go with Joonsang
  • Sanghyeok
  • The couple walking out of school
  • Sanghyeok shocked on seeing the couple
  • The couple at the bus stop
  • The couple in the bus
  • Yoojin hair blowing over Joonsang face
  • Yoojin feeling the breeze
  • The couple
  • The seat patched with band-aid's
  • The park
  • The couple at the park
  • Joonsang offers his hand
  • Joonsang offer to Yoojin
  • Yoojin surprised
  • Joonsang
  • Yoojin realizes that she is in love
  • Yoojin gives her hand
  • The couple on a bicycle
  • Yoojin enjoying
  • Joonsang on the cycle
  • The couple in love
  • Sunset over the lake
  • Yoojin's face in the sunset
  • The couple on a ferry
  • The million dollar smile
  • Joonsang in the sunset
  • Yoojin coaxing Joonsang to smile
  • The couple walking back home
  • Yoojin taking Joonsang's picture
  • Sanghyeok anxiously waiting for Yoojin
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