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"First Time" is the third episode in the Winter Sonata anime series which is an anime adaption of the Korean superhit drama Winter Sonata.

Winter Sonata: First Time


겨울 연가 : 처음




Fuyu no Sonata : Hajimete




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short SummaryEdit

Yoojin and Joonsang are officially recognized as a couple by the class. The bond between the two grows stronger.But new problem arises when Yoojin overhears a conversation between Joonsang and Sanghyeok. Yoojin comes to belive that Joonsang proposed to her only to make Sanghyeok miserable. The episode end with Yoojin getting lost in the middle of the woods when she runs away from Joonsang.

Episode in DetailEdit

The episode starts with Joonsang and Yoojin walking back home from their date. On reaching Yoojin's house they find Sanghyeok waiting for Yoojin with her bag. As they talk Sanghyeok's father Prof. Kim arrives reminding Yoojin about her father's death anniversary prompting Yoojin to run hurriedly into the house. The professor is surprised to know that Joonsang is really a high school student and Sanghyeok's classmate too, he invites Joonsang to come over to his office.

At her house Yoojin gets scolded by mom for forgetting such an important thing. Yoojin apologizes and changes the topic, asking her mom why she fell in love with her dad. Her mother tells that she doesn't remember but Yoojin is not convinced ,then her mother says

"Do you need a reason to love someone"

At school Yoojin and Joonsang are officially recognized as a couple by the rest of the class. While the rest of the class cheers the duo on Sanghyeok and Chelin are clearly distressed by this new development. The cheering is cut short when Mr.Garmel enters the class and gives the duo cleaning jobs around the school till Christmas for bunking the class the previous day.


Joonsang and Yoojin

Chelin vents her anger on Yoojin in the wash room for taking Joonsang away from her even though she had already told her that Joonsang belonged to her. Jinsook retaliates for Yoojin and the two start hurling insults at each other. Yoojin slips away in the confusion and joins Joonsang who was raking the school ground. As they clear away the leaves Joonsang asks her if she would meet a person she had decided against meeting if she wanted to. Yoojin replies that she would meet him, when asked why she replies if one needed a reason to visit someone.

After finishing cleaning duty with Yoojin Joonsang goes to meet Prof.Kim. There the professor asks if he is interested in becoming his student Joonsang replies in the affirmative. The professor then asks about his son but Joonsang tells that they are not friends.

During radio duty Joonsang notices that Yoojin likes the song "First Time" alot and so he tells her that he could gift her the album but she declines, instead she says:

"I would much rather have you play it for me"

and starts to blush, the two then plan upon going to a movie on Saturday.


Yoojin sniffing her hands

Later in art class the teacher calls Yoojin on to the stage to explain why she drew house. Yoojin tells that her father would always say that a warm heart is the best house, even thought the roof caves in or is too small it would still be a home. When class gets over the rest of the radio club members decide on going to country house in the mountains owned by Chelin's family on Saturday for celebrating Christmas, but both Yoojin and Joonsang decline the offer as they wanted to go for a date that day.

After school Joonsang attends Prof. Kim's special coaching classes. Sanghyeok who had gone to meet his father notices this. He then heads to Yoojin's and again asks her to come to the Christmas party when she tells that she wouldn't come Sanghyeok tells her not to go out with Joonsang as he could not watch her getting hurt. Yoojin tells that Joosang is just like him it's only that he doesn't know how to express his feelings, she tells

" You two are so alike that you are pushing each other away like magnets of the same polarity"


Walking alone in rain

The next day Sanghyeok asks Joonsang if there was no special class that day with his father, he then continues to ask why he kept tormenting him in every way possible. Joonsang tell that he doesn't like people who had everything like him, so he would take everything away from them. Sanghyeok gets mad and asks if this was the reason he was with Yoojin. Sanghyeok is about to punch Joonsang when he is interrupted by a loud sound. Yoojin who had overheard the entire conversation slaps Joonsang for making her believe in love and walks away alone in the rain.

On Saturday morning both Yoojin and Jonnsang turn up at the station much everyone's surprise. Chelin notices the rift between the two and makes advantage of the situation by hugging Joonsang's arm, but Joonsang frees himself and tells that he was probably not the right person for her as he didn't believe in ideal romance.

In the country house the group decorates the place up and have a relay story around the camp fire which is very similar to the real storyline. Yoojin walks away after the story, Joonsang follows her and tries to apologize to her for what he had told earlier but Yoojin is not convinced and runs away into the forest.

The episode ends with Joonsang and Sanghyeok searching for Yoojin.

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