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"A Promise that can't be kept" is the fourth episode in the Winter Sonata anime series which is an anime adaption of the Korean superhit drama Winter Sonata.As the episode name goes this episode shows how Joonsang is unable to keep his promise to Yoojin on New Year's Eve .

Winter Sonata: A Promise that can't be kept


겨울 연가 : 지키지 못할 약속




Fuyu no Sonata : Mamorenai Yakusoku




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short Summary Edit

Joonsang rescues Yoojin who was lost the forest. They patch up, but when Joonsang unwittingly sees a picture in Yoojin's house he changes his mind and departs for the US with his mother. On the way he forgets to return Yoojin's gloves and dash across a busy road and meets with a fatal accident.

Episode in Detail Edit

Joonsang finds Yoojin who was lost in the forest. Yoojin who was alone and lost for quite a while is more than happy to see Joonsang. While she rides piggy-back on Joonsang, he apologizes to her and to his joy, then, she accepts his apology. He shows her the star Polaris that a star never changes its place no matter what the season is and tells her to use it as a good reference point in the sky whenever she got lost. Sanghyeok who saw this is unable to stomach it, and starts to ignore Yoojin. Back in Chuncheon Yoojin has a talk with Sanghyeok, he asks her how she could go back to him after what had happened.He goes on to say

"Have you forgotten he is using you, he has no feeling's for you"

But Yoojin tells him that she had feelings for him, and that she was in love with him.This comes as a huge blow to Sanghyeok who almost cries. At his house he reminisces all the good time he had with Yoojin.


At school Yoojin and Joonsang are on cleaning duty. As she cleans , Yoojin ask why the first snow was later that year. Joonsang tells her that he can make it snow and he starts to throw dried leaves around her giving the impression of snow falling.They both decide to go to the park after it snows Joonsang who had gone to a post office sees the "First Snow" goes to the park so does Yoojin.

They meet up at the park and have fun throwing snow balls and making snowmen. After they make the snowmen, Joonsang puts them in a position where it looks like they are kissing, and tell Yoojin that he feels jealous of them. Yoojin kisses him on the cheek leaving Joonsang bewildered. Then Yoojin tells:

"Now you don't have to be jealous of them"

Joonsang and Yoojin then kiss. As they go through a busy street Yoojin asks him his favorite and tries to remember them. At the door of Yoojin's house Joonsang asks her out for a date on New Years eve. Yoojin accepts this and him her gloves so that he wouldn't feel cold. she then ask him to stay for dinner at her house.


While Yoojin cooks, her younger sister Hijjin brings out their family picture book. As Hijjin goes on about how ugly Yoojin was when she was young, Joonsang comes across the same picture of his mother and finds out from Yoojin that her father Hyunsoo and Sanghyeok's father Professor Kim were good friends, but she didn't know the who the girl in between was. Yoojin and Hijjin go to kitchen, Joonsang who was shocked by this rushes to Prfessors Kim office leaving Yoojin and Hijjin wondering.

At the professors office Joonsang as about his relation with Kang Mi Hee, the professor then tells that they were good friends since high school. He also tells that he loved Mi Hee but she was in love with only Hyunsoo. He had also composed a song for her which was surprisingly "First Time". But Mi Hee left Chuncheon as soon as Hyunsoo got married.

Joonsang calls his mother, telling her that he wanted to go to America with her. She tells him to start packing as they were going to leave that very day.Meanwhile Yoojin gets ready for her date.

As they go to airport they get stuck in a traffic jam. Joonsang sudden realizes that he had to meet Yoojin at New Years eve. He runs out of the car against his mother's wishes rushing to meet a waiting Yoojin. But on the way he meets with a fatal accident.

The next day Sanghyeok brings Yoojin the bad news. The gang has an unofficial funeral. When Yoojin goes back to her house she finds a cassette on her table. When she plays the cassette she hears Joonsang's voice telling her that he finally got her a Christmas present though it was kinda late,and plays the song "First Time" on his piano that Yoojin loved. The episode ends with Yoojin crying on her table.

  • Episode 4: A Promise that can't be kept
  • Yoojin crying (shes lost)
  • Joonsang finds Yoojin
  • Yoojin's "found"
  • Hugs
  • Sanghyeok Shocked
  • Piggybacking
  • Yoojin riding on Joonsang's back
  • Polaris
  • Bile rising up Sanghyeok's stomach
  • Piggy backing all the way home
  • Yoojin tells Sanghyeok her feelings
  • Tears well up in Sanghyeok's eyes
  • Picture of Sanghyeok and Yoojin on Sanghyeok's desk
  • Yoojin and Joonsang by the incinerator
  • Yoojin by the incinerator
  • Joonsang
  • Joonsang makes it snow
  • Joonsang through the leaves
  • Yoojin
  • Yoojin and Hijjin waiting for the First Snow
  • Little Hujjin
  • Joonsang sees the First snow
  • The first snow
  • Yoojin's gets snowballed
  • Joonsang at the park
  • the couple at the park
  • Making snowmen
  • Yoojin making a snow figurine
  • Joonsang looking at Yoojin
  • Kissing snowmen
  • Yoojin kisses Joonsang
  • Joonsang surprised
  • The first kiss
  • Making out on a park bench
  • Joonsang out on a street
  • Yoojin and Joonsang take a stroll
  • The couple have a chat at Yoojin's place
  • Yoojin makes dinner
  • Yoojin's family
  • Hijjin showing the family album
  • The photograph
  • Yoojin tells Joonsang about the photograph
  • Joonsang shocked
  • Hijjin and Yoojin wonder where Joonsang went
  • The album
  • Joonsang heads to the Professors house
  • Joonsang at Prof.Kim's place
  • Professor Kim Jinwoo
  • Joonsang
  • Walking alone
  • Hijjin asleep
  • Joonsang calls his mother
  • snow
  • Its New Years eve
  • Yoojin dresses up for the date
  • Hijjin advises Yoojin
  • A Traffic Jam
  • Joonsang leaving for New York
  • Yoojin waiting for Joonsang
  • Joonsang tries to convince his mother
  • Kang Mi Hee
  • Yoojin waiting for Joonsang
  • Joonsang gets hit by a truck
  • Life flashes before Joonsangs eyes
  • A New Year
  • the lonesome class
  • Sang Hyeok gives Yoojin the bad news
  • Jinsook and Chelin at Joonsang funeral
  • Sanghyeok and Yongguk
  • Yoojin at the funeral
  • Sanghyeok and Yoojin
  • Yoojin
  • Sanghyeok watching Yoojin
  • A package for Yoojin
  • Yoojin listens to the tape
  • Yoojin crying on her table

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