Episode 5:"Was seeing you just a dream?"Edit

"Was seeing you just a dream?" is the fifth episode in the Winter Sonata anime series which is an anime adaption of the Korean superhit drama Winter Sonata. Yoojin meets Min Hyeong for the first time in this episode.

Winter Sonata: Was seeing you just a dream?


겨울 연가 : 널본게 꿈이었 을까




Fuyu no Sonata : Anata o mitano wa yume datta no kana?




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short SummaryEdit

This Episode shows Yoojin and the rest of the gang all grown up.Yoojin who is working in a construction firm "Polaris" is a about to get engaged to Sanghyeok. But on her way back from a salon she sees Joonsang and faints. The rest of the gang make another informal engagement party. But as the episode ends Joonsang arrives.

Episode in Detail Edit

10 years have gone by since Joonsang's death. Yoojin is now shown working as an architect in the construction firm "Polaris". Sanghyeok works as a the Producer in a national classical music station.Yong Guk and Jin Seok get married with Yong Guk who is working as a vet and Jin Seok in between jobs.

Yoojin and her crew are over worked thanks to a new manger. While at office she tunes in the radio station run by Sanghyeok for the song "Only one". Sanghyeok airs the pop song even though it was a classical music station.

Yoojin and Sanghyeok were to get engaged later that day so Yoojin leaves her office earlier than usual and goes to a beauty saloon. While coming back from the saloon she sese a person who looked just like Joonsang. This completely overwhelms her and her she looses control over herself and runs behind him, but looses him in the crowd.


Meanwhile at the party, the two families get worried over Yoojin's lateness. Sanghyeok goes to the extent of contacting the police about her. To everyones relief and Mrs.Kim anger she returns. But Yoojin is clearly not in control of her self, looking dazed she faints saying

" I saw Joonsang"

Yong Guk and Sanghyeok go to a road side eatery and discuss the matter over drinks. Yong Guk is surprised to know what Yoojin said, but is even more surprised seeing Sanghyeok totally unfazed by the matter.

Then Yoojin's mother is shown taking care of an unconscious Yoojin. Her mother then asks her about what had happened, but Yoojin doesn't open up prompting her mother to ask if the topic was such secret that she couldn't tell it to her own mother. After her mother leaves Yoojin takes out a book with a sketch of Joonsang and caresses it.


Sanghyeok tries to calm his mother who was very upset with Yooin. Meanwhile Jin Seok and Yong Guk receive a mail from Oh Che-lin who had returned to Korea after staying in France. She tells them that she had started a high end Boutique in Seol and was running for the fashion show. she decides to plan a surprise for Yoojin and Sanghyeok with the couple.

Sanghyeok drives Yoojin out of town to their old school in Chuncheon so that she'd feel better. As they reach the middle of the school ground. They hear Yong Guk over the school radio telling them to exchange their rings as this was their informal engagement. The couple are surprised to hear Chelin congratulating them and rush towards the radio room.

They are given a surprise party upon reaching the room. The couple then cut a cake and the group reminisces all the good times they had together.

The episode ends with Joon Sang entering the radio room.

  • Episode Title
  • Yoojin at the construction site
  • The construction site
  • Yoojin in Polaris
  • Seungryong
  • At the studio
  • Sanghyeok at the studio
  • Yoojin checking mail
  • Jeong-a surprised
  • Sanghyeok giving the go
  • A mysterious lady with Yoojin
  • Sanghyeok in a candle light dinner
  • Exchanging rings
  • Yoojin
  • Yoojin being dropped
  • Sanghyeok drops Yoojin
  • Polaris
  • Yoojin working on a sketch
  • Co-workers surprised
  • Jeong-a and Seungryong
  • The MARCIAN building
  • Deputy manager Kim
  • A view of the MARCIAN building
  • A piece of a puzzle
  • Sanghyeok's Mother
  • Sanghyeok in the car
  • Yoojin getting ready for the engagement
  • The engagement party
  • Sanghyeok's parents
  • Hijjin and Yoojin's mother arrive
  • Yoojin's mother
  • Sanghyeok's parents
  • Yoojin sees Joonsang
  • Joonsang on the street
  • The forgotten mobile
  • Joonsang????
  • Sanghyeok at the party
  • Yong Guk and Jin seok
  • Worried friends
  • Yoojin dazed
  • A melting statue
  • Yoojin's mother worried
  • Jin seok notices Yoojin
  • Colorless eyes
  • Unforgiving mother
  • Yoojin Faints
  • Yoojin's mother beside her
  • Yoojin crying
  • Sanghyeok and Yong Guk have drink
  • Sanghyeok's house
  • Prof. Kim with Yoojin
  • Sanghyeok
  • Yoojin caresses a sketch of Joonsang
  • A sketch of Joonsang
  • Chelin
  • An email from Chelin
  • Yong guk and Jin seok
  • Yong guk with a dog
  • The Veterinary
  • Sang Hyeok takes Yoojin for a surprise drive
  • Chuncheon 14 km
  • The school
  • Yoojin at the school
  • Yong guk on the radio
  • The school ground
  • Yoojin and Sanghyeok
  • The unofficial engagement
  • Yoojin
  • A surprise party
  • Chelin is here??
  • Blowing out the candles
  • The gang
  • Chelin
  • Yoojin is shocked
  • Is he Joonsang ??

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