"Lies" is the eight episode in the Winter Sonata anime series which is the anime adaptaion of the superhit Korean drama Winter Sonata.

Winter Sonata:Lies


겨울 연가 : 거짓말




Fuyu no Sonata : Uso




Finished airing


Drama, Romance


G&G Entertaiment, JM Animation


Seokho Yoon


25 minutes


PG 13 and above

Short Summary Edit

Minhyeong and Yoojin are hospitalized, the former being in worse condition. His mother comes from the US and it is from her Yoojin happens to uncover the shrouds of lies and discovers Minhyeong's true identity.

Episode in Detail Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Sanghyok and others find the unconscious bodies of Minhyeong and Yoojin trapped under the snow-covered logs. They are hospitalized immediately. Yoojin has received minor injury being shielded by Minhyeong who has received a blow on the head.

When Yoojin gains conscious, she utters the name of Joonsang, much to Sanghyeok's dismay. Later she even walks up to the doctor attending Minhyeong to know about Joonsang's condition (from this point onwards she addresses him both as Joonsang and Minhyeong). Chelin accuses Yoojin as the reason of all these trouble reminding her that Joonsang is dead only because of her.


Sanghyeok calls Yoojin's mother and sister. They come and her mother stays to accompany her while Hijjin leaves with Sanghyeok to get clothes for Yoojin. In the house, Sanghyeok is even more shocked to find a picture of Joonsang in Yoojin's sketchbook clearly pointing to the fact that the memories of her first love are still engraved in her heart.

Meanwhile,Yoojin spends the night crying.And Chelin passes it beside the unconscious Minhyeong.

Morning comes and Yoojin sees her mother off the hospital when a lady walks in. Her face seems known to Yoojin but she can't remember where she had seen her. She follows the lady and finds out that she's


Minhyeong's mother. After Minhyeong's mother walks out of the room, Yoojin introduces herself as the one responsible for the tragedy and confronts her with questions about Joonsang and if they lived in Korea. The other being startled at these questions replies in the negative and tells her to go back to her room. But Yoojin follows her and finds out that they did have a house in Korea when Minhyeong's mother is talking over the phone with Mr. Kim about selling off the house.

Yoojin doesn't lose time. She sets off to high school getting Joonsang's address and searches for the house. When she finds the place, she is shown into by the caretaker who mistakes her for the real estate agent. There she ponders over the covered furniture and suddenly, in walks Minhyeong's mother, Kang Beehi. Both of them take their sit in front of each other and the lies finally give way to the truth. Minhyung is none other than Joonsang with no previous memory.
After the accident 10 years ago, his mother thought it best for him to have new memory rather than suffer over the past ones. So, Joonsang got his identity: Lee Minhyeong and lived onwards with that. His mother then tells Yoojing to never tell him about the past. Hearing this, Yoojin can't control herself any longer and she bursts into tears saying it's painful enough having truly loved someone and if that person just disappears.

Meanwhile, Sanghyok gets Joonsang's address to prove Yoojin is wrong but finds out that she has outrun him. He drives quickly to reach the place. At the same time, Beehi gets a call from Chelin that Minhyeong has gained conscious. So she and Yoojin dash to the car and drive away, not noticing a wondering Sanghyeok left behind.

  • Yoojin just regains conscience
  • Yoojin recalling Joonsang
  • Shocked Sanghyeok
  • Yoojin holing onto Min-Hyeong
  • The rescue team
  • Yoojin on a stretcher
  • Min-Hyeong Rushed to the hospital
  • The search party
  • Yoojin runs blindly into the blizzard
  • Episode opening
  • Sanghyeok searching for directions
  • Entrance of Joonsang's house
  • Joonsang's house ‎
  • Yoojin looking around
  • Min-Hyeong hospatalized
  • Yoojin with a splint
  • Sanghyeok reading
  • Yoojin's letter
  • A sketch of Joonsang ‎
  • Yoojin's table
  • Yoojin's room
  • Yoojin in the elevator
  • Mi-Hee ‎
  • Renovations in full swing ‎
  • The resort
  • Cold winter day
  • Joonsang's Vs Yoojin's mother
  • Yoojin walking her mother out ‎
  • Kang Mi-hee ‎
  • The airport at Seoul
  • Chelin looking over an unconscious Min-Hyeong
  • Yoojin in her room at the hospital
  • Sanghyeok and Yong Guk driving
  • Hijjin
  • Sanghyeok making a deal with Hijjin
  • Yoojin's mum and Hijjin
  • Yoojin's mum
  • Yoojin secretly crying
  • The hospital reception
  • Min-Hyeongs doctor
  • Scans of Min-Hyeong
  • Yong guk and Sanghyeok
  • The hospital
  • Yoojin faints
  • Chelin taking it out on Yoojin
  • Chelin mad at Yoojin
  • The operating theater
  • Yong Guk and Jinsook worried about Min-Hyeong
  • Chelin outside the operating theater
  • Sanghyeok
  • A tear drop
  • Mi Hee
  • Chelin worried
  • The doctor rushes
  • Mi-Hee surprised
  • Joonsangs house
  • Joonsang's mother is Kang Mi-Hee!!
  • Sanghyeok is shocked
  • The report(2/2)
  • The report (1/2)
  • Yoojin Crying
  • Yoojin sitting on the cars back seat
  • Min-Hyeong hospitalized
  • Sanghyeok outside Joosang's House
  • The tears keep rolling
  • Mi-Hee
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