1. Memory stick from a camera in which Yoojin took pictures
  2. Old notes from his room in Chuncheon.
  3. An old name plate embossed his name Kang Joonsang
  4. An unfinished tape of the song " First Time"
  5. A fight with Kim Sang-Hyeok brings back memories of old quarrels.
  6. Recalling how Yoojin keeps telling him not to fall asleep.
  7. Bookmarks from the doctor who conducted the implantation of "new memories"- Dr. Ahn
  8. The old photograph of Prof. Kim with Mi-Hee and Hyensoo Monochrome Photograph
  9. Yoojin lends her "Pink Mittens" so that Joonsang will not get cold and Joonsang keeps one and returns the other to Yoojin so each has one part. Jane returns the part of mitten (telling Joonsang to give it to Yoojin for her) which Joonsang lent to her before and Joonsang gives it to Yoojin prior to the finale wedding (she finds in it a locket which is a gift from Jane which Joonsang was requested to give it ot Yoojin).