Jeil High School located in Chuncheon is the school in which Kang Joon-Sang, Jeong Yoo-jin, Kim Sang-Hyeok, Oh Che-lin, Yong Guk and Jin Seok went for their High School Education.



The school has three main buildings. It also boasts of a large play area for students and it is where Volleyball courts and Football grounds are located. The school is surrounded by tall rows of shady trees rendering the grounds the look of a miniature forest.


Art RoomEdit

The school has a separate class room for art. Instead of the usual tables, canvases and stools are present.

Class RoomsEdit

The class rooms typically have single person tables for the students. The teacher table is larger in size and is placed in front of the blackboard.

Piano RoomEdit

The school has its own piano room. The piano room is a large hall situated on one of the upper floors of the schools building. Piano room has a single Grand Piano and a white board for teaching also.

Radio RoomEdit

Another unique facility is its own radio room, which is run by the school's Radio club. The Radio room has a large collection of music. It consists of two separate sections: one the lounge and music library, another, a broadcasting room.



A furnace for burning leaves in also present in the school. The furnace is in a small shed like outhouse in the rear of the school.