Kang Mee-hi
Vital statistics
Status Supporting cast
Gender Female
Age 50+ years
Occupation Famous Pianist
Health Active
Other Info
Cast in Drama Song Ok Sook
Anime Vocal So Hye Jyeon

Background Edit

Kang Mee-hi is Joon-Sang's mother. She loves Hyunsoo and dated with him during high school days. After his marriage to Yoo-jin's mother Kim Yeonhee, she attempts suicide but is rescued by her friend Kim Jinwoo who also loves her. Joon-Sang is her and Kim Jinwoo 's son.

Appearance Edit

She was stunningly beautiful in her youth. With the passing of years, she has kept her beauty intact as she has to appear in media and public for piano performances. She is almost always well-composed.


Personality Edit

She loves Hyunsoo with all her heart and so lies to her own son about his father. This gives birth to all pains and sufferings of Joonsang. But she tries to get back her son at any cost as she loves him dearly. She never lets anyone know about her sorrows and maintains a stone face.

Talents Edit

  • She is a famous pianist
  • Her famous piece is the "First Time" which is composed by Hyunsoo