Winter Sonata has basically 5 key elements to its story line which makes up the plot. They build up the story and also give the twist and its turn to the plot.

Monochrome PhotographEdit


Kim Jinwoo, Kang Meehi and Hyunsoo

  • The Photograph used to search for the true father for Joonsang.
  • It shows the love triangle among Kang Meehi, Kim Jinwoo and Jung Hyunsoo.
  • This relationship becomes more complicated with Kim Yeonhee.




  • Polaris also called the north star, cause it always points north irrespective of the season
  • The construction company where Yoojin worked.
  • It was also used as a message in a bench at a park in New York,
  • Joonsang promises Yoojin that he will always be her Polaris(i.e her light)

First TimeEdit

  • The musical piece was composed by Jung Hyunsoo who gave it as a gift to Kang Mi Hee
  • It is a song that Yoojin loves.
  • Joonsang played this song exceptionally well during piano practice with Yoojin.
  • Joonsang records this song on a tape and gives it to Yoojin as a gift for Christmas during their high school days.
  • Claude also played this piece as a fan for Kang Mi Hee and "miracle" for the reunion of his family.

An album by Kang Mi Hee

The Impossible HouseEdit


early version of the "impossible house"

  • It was a dream house told by Jung Hyunsoo, Yoojin 's Father to her and she shared her in her art class.
  • it is a partnership design for Joonsang and Yoojin's effort.

Kingdom of ShadowsEdit

  • It is story told by Joonsang to Yoojin
  • it is crucial when Jane and Yoojin met and how Yoojin will search for Joonsang.