Kim Jung
Vital statistics
Status Supporting cast
Gender Female
Age 50+
Occupation Housewife
Health Alive
Other Info
Cast in Drama Lee Hyo Choon
Anime Vocal Choi Seon Woo.


Kim Jung is Kim Sang-Hyeok's mother and wife to Professor Kim.


She appears to be a typical Korean wife of a respected man from University. As the wife to a respectful person in society, she maintains the formality in appearance. She mostly wears the traditional dress for women in Korea.


She always stands firm for whatever convictions that she had a gut feeling about.


At the start of anime, she is obviously totally against Kim Sang-Hyeok's engagement with Jeong Yoo-jin because they are childhood friends. However, due to persistence of Sang-Hyeok, the engagement still proceeded. It also was able push through with Yoo-jin's absence in this wondrous occasion. it led her to be dismayed about it.

This eerie feeling always made her suspicious that Yoo-jin is still much in love with Kang Joon-Sang which was proven when she saw Yoojin and Minhyeong together. Yoojin played First Time on a piano at ski resort grounds during night time prior to the musical concert which Lee Min-Hyeong 's memory still lost and was not able to play the piano.

She was also informed Jeong Yoo-jin regarding the fact that Yoojin and Joonsang were half-siblings due to Jung Hyunsoo which later remodels into the truth that Professor Kim Jin-woo was real father to Kang Joon-Sang. It led her to be ill and totally apathetic towards her husband Professor Kim Jin-woo. But she accepts Joonsang as he is her husband's child.


Professor Kim JinwooEdit

She is married to Professor Kim Jin-woo. She was surpised and shocked learning that Kang Joon-Sang was his son with Kang Mee-hi.

Kim Sang-HyeokEdit

She is always been a good mother to her son Kim Sang-Hyeok and he was always at her side.

Jeong Yoo-jinEdit

Though she is irritated and furious with her, she always lends a hand and gives due respect to Jeong Yoo-jin as she was supposed to her daughter in law if the marriage with Kim Sang-Hyeok did push through.


  • She performs household chores for her family.