Kim Yeonhee
Vital statistics
Status Supporting cast
Gender Female
Age 50+
Occupation Housewife
Health Alive
Other Info
Cast in Drama Kim Hae Sook
Anime Vocal Yoon Sora


Kim Yeonhee is a widow of Jung Hyunsoo who died when Yoojin was barely ten years old. She is usually seen doing household chores throughout the film.


She appeared slender in height and usually with long dark black haired as she ages , her hair is often layered and she usually wears hair accessories to accentuate her appearance.


She is kind,considerate, and appeared always calm. She is always often in constant dialogues with her two daughtersYoojin and Hujin. She always listen to their needs and at times,she is reminded what is truly best for them.


In her first appearance in the anime series, She prepared a sanctuary which gives respect for her deceased spouse Jung Hyunsoo, Yoo-jin also attended with her uncle Prof. Kim as well as Kim Sanghyeok.

At the flashback regarding their wedding, she was attend her wedding with Jung Hyunsoo with Kang Mee-hi rendering the musical piece First Time and also Prof. Kim, it was a moving scene for each others wedding.


Jeong YoojinEdit

She is considered as her confidant and all he true feelings about Joonsang is always being the topic of discussion among themselves.


When she grew up , she often assisted her mother very well.

Prof. Kim JinwooEdit

She is always keeps in touch when something necessary to divulge between the family.

Kim SanghyeokEdit

She made perceived him as reputable suitor for Yoo-jin.


  • She always prepare Yoojin's favorite viand.
  • she is always cooks best viands for her children.


  • When she is happy and in bad mood, she is always composed or appeared always calm.