Park Jong-ho
Vital statistics
Status Supporting cast
Gender Male
Age 50+
Occupation High School Teacher
Health Alive
Other Info
Cast in Drama Jung Won Jong
Anime Vocal Lee Jang Won


Park Jong-ho is a high school teacher in high school at Chuncheon.


He has a huge and bulky body which often intimidates his students. He is always seen wearing spectacles.


He is always on time and man of discipline and conviction. He is always strict with his students.

His weakness was if someone would read him a romantic poem, he will burst into tears. This incident was related when Jeong Yoo-jin discussed it with his current students at school.


At the start of the animation series, he is seen with students who came in late for their school. he imposes school discipline with them. Most of the time,Jeong Yoo-jin comes to school with Jin Seok as well as Kang Joon-Sang. They received such punishment for being late in school.

Throughout the animation of this superhit koreanovela, he often teaches students.he stays at the faculty lounge.


Jeong Yoo-jinEdit

She was really irritated when his teacher Park Jong-ho scolded the class.

Kang Joon-Sang/Lee Min-HyeongEdit

he remained calm and manifest apathy toward his teacher Park Jong-ho.

Kim Sang-HyeokEdit

he served as class marshal. he is dutiful in his task.


  • he teaches lessons for every subject that he undertaken very well.


  • He always waits for his students and make it a point in disciplining them.