Supervisor Min
Vital statistics
Status Supporting Cast
Gender Male
Age 50+
Occupation Supervisor/Caregiver to Kang Joon-Sang/Lee Min-Hyeong
Health Alive
Other Info
Cast in Drama Jang Hang Sun
Anime Vocal Kim Chang


Supervisor Min is a well-rounded person who possesses a pleasant personality and is happy to be dealing with other characters of this anime series.


He is a well groomed gentlemen who always wears formal business attire.


He possess a pleasant and appealing personality which tends to be happy and enjoyable companionship to be with.


During the improvements of the Ski Resort, he was assisting Jeong Yoo-jin in relation for the major renovation of the said property. He also helped things as well with Kang Joon-Sang/Lee Min-Hyeong.

During the onset of the eyesight problem of Kang Joon-Sang/Lee Min-Hyeong, he accompanies him at The Impossible House.


Kang Joon-Sang/Lee Min-HyeongEdit

He has a close tie with Min-Hyeong because he always helps and assists him regarding anything and when he had been encountering eyesight problem, he has always been there at his side.

Kang Mee-hiEdit

He helps her make sure that Kang Joon-Sang/Lee Min-Hyeong's safety is at its best.

Jeong Yoo-jinEdit

She always asked help from him.


  • He is well rounded person.