Korean StaffEdit

The original drama was written by Kim Hun Lee and Yun Eun Kyung and directed by Yoon Seok-Ho.

Animation StaffEdit

  • Animation Producer -Yujiro Funato/Shigeyuki Komatsubara
  • Director/Character Design- Daisuke Nakayama
  • Art Direction-Hiroshi Ohno
  • Background- STUDIO FUGA(Kaori Anmi)
  • Key Animation -Masae Nakayama/Daisuke Nakayama
  • In-Between Animation -Emi Mori/Noriko Ito
  • Color designer- Momoe Aoki
  • CGI Director- Mayu Ito
  • CGI-Tokyo Mazn Studio Inc.Minoru Terao/Momoe Aoki
  • Sound Director- Dai Kawamura

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