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This wiki is based on the anime adaptation of the superhit Korean drama Winter Sonata. It is a story of romance and fate and keeps its audience spellbound till the last moment. Here the two main characters Kang Joon-sang and Jeong Yoo-jin experience true love during their high school days. But an old photograph reveals a striking truth about their parents. An accident follows, tearing away Joon-sang from Yoo-jin. After 10 years of treasuring the memories of past, fate crosses Yoo-jin's path with that of Lee Min-Hyeong, who resembles her first and true love: Joon-sang. Later she finds out that he is indeed Joon-sang with no memory of past.

Tín dụng cho Người tạoEdit

Nhân viên Hàn QuốcEdit

Bộ phim ban đầu được viết bởi Kim Hun Lee và Yun Eun Kyung và đạo diễn Yoon Seok-Ho.

Animation Nhân viênEdit

  • Animation sản xuất -Yujiro Funato / Shigeyuki Komatsubara
  • Giám đốc / nhân vật Thiết tạo mẫu cho Daisuke Nakayama
  • Chỉ đạo nghệ thuật-Hiroshi Ohno
  • Background- STUDIO FUGA (Kaori Anmi)
  • Chính Animation -Masae Nakayama / Daisuke Nakayama
  • In-Between Animation -Emi Mori / Noriko Ito
  • Màu designer- Momoe Aoki
  • CGI Giám Đốc Mayu Ito
  • CGI-Tokyo Mazn Studio Inc.Minoru Terao / Momoe Aoki
  • Âm thanh Giám Đốc Đại Kawamura


Diễn viên chính Edit

Hỗ trợ CastEdit

hoạt động mới nhấtEdit

bỏ phiếuEdit

Who is the best looking character in the anime?

The poll was created at 17:46 on November 10, 2011, and so far 86 people voted.

Liên kết nhanhEdit

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