Yong Guk
Vital statistics
Status Supporting cast
Gender Male
Age 28 years
Occupation Veterinarian
Health Active
Other Info
Cast in Drama Ryu Seung Soo
Anime Vocal Ryu Seung Soo


Yong Guk is one of the supporting characters of the anime. He is Kim Sang-Hyeok's best friend. He is married to Jin Seok. He works as veterinary doctor and loves animals.



during his high school days Yong Guk

Yong Guk has warm brown eyes and dark brown hair. He usually crops his hair short. He has an agile and well built body.



He is always a personality that is warm,pleasing and even at times too straightforward with others. He always make an effort that as much as possible no conflict may arises among his friends. He is loving and caring spouse to Jin Seok and caring father to his daughter. He is particularly close with Sanghyeok. He is a close friend to him.


During in his high school education, he is perceived to be carefree , more particularly he develop strong friendship among his classmates namely Sanghyeok, Joon sang, Jin Seok, Oh Che-lin and other classmates. He always picked around Jin Seok due to her limitations especially in piano lessons. he always made an effort to make Sanghyeok be calm at all times especially when the fight between Joon sang and Sanghyeok. He knows that jealousy between them.

He become a Vet doctor , Jin Seok always visit his clinic. Sanghyeok always drop by when he is already free from his job as well as Che-lin. He is always keep his cool. Also he is always gives his opinions right away especially when he dispense his blessing for the wedding of Joon sang and Yoojin.

He eventually get married with Jin Seok and have a daughter. He is always gracious to everyone especially with his closest friends.



Yong Guk is Kim Sang-Hyeok's best friend. He supported him through thick and thin. Yong Guk is the person Sanghyeok trusts the most.

Jin SeokEdit

He is Jin Seok's husband and best friend. They were close friends since high school and have always enjoyed each others company.

Oh Che-linEdit

With Chelin being one of the gang, she and Yong Guk are good friends.


He is a friend to Yong Guk.


She is a friend to Yong Guk.


  • He is good in astrological interpretation.
  • He is good in his veterinarian practice of profession.


  • He used to be a DJ at school
  • He multitasks a lot, especially when he is at work.
  • He likes animals a lot.
  • He takes care of Jeong-a's pet dog Happy.